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Where are the games Played?







When are the games played?

Friday Nights. The times are TBD based on the number of teams in the league but generally not before 5:30 or 6:00PM. Rainouts are usually made up on the following Wednesday Night.


How do I sign up?

 You can sign up by going to any of the following websites:

Be sure to click on the registration tab.


What are the age groups or divisions?

We separate by grades (not ages).  Divisions are as follows:  KINDERGARTEN, 1ST & 2ND GRADE DIVISION, 3RD & 4TH GRADE DIVISION AND 5TH & 6TH GRADE DIVISION.


Are girls allowed to play?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  We have teams with both girls and boys on the same team. 


When does the season start?

Fall Season starts Mid to late August.  

Spring Season starts early March. 

Fall season ends the week before Thanksgiving and the Spring season ends the week before Memorial Day weekend.

 Practices can begin 2 weeks before the season starts. 


How much does it cost? 

Registration fee is $205 which includes the Official FNL Jersey.  Players keep their jersey. 


Why is there a Team Sponsor fee? 

The team sponsor fee is in place  to help keep the player registration as low as possible. The sponsor fee is $250 per team. Most local businesses are happy to be a sponsor as they get a tremendous amount of advertising and exposure.  As a reminder the sponsor fee  must be submitted before the team receives the FNL jerseys. If there are additional questions please call one of the league commissioners. 


How many games are there in a season?

Fall Season - 7 Games + Playoffs 

Spring Season - 7 Games + Playoffs 

 There are 2 bye weeks for Fall Break and 1 for Spring Break as well as Labor Day Weekend.


Are there playoffs? 

Yes, except for Kindergarten. There is a single elimination playoff tournament after the end of the regular season. Some teams may play in bowl games in lieu of bracket play.


 Where and what time is practice? 

The time and place are up to your coach. Each team practices once per week, for about an hour.


Is the uniform provided?

Yes. Each players receives a nylon mesh Jersey.  FNL Jerseys are Pro or College replica minus the trademark logo. They look and feel like college and pro game jerseys.  Each team can personalize  their jerseys with last names  at their expense. 

Official FNL logo shorts are available for $20.  Generally ordered  before the beginning of the season by the coach or team manager. 


What equipment do I need? 

Cleats (no metal), mouthpiece and solid colored shorts or pants. Shorts/Pants should be the same color for all players.  Absolutely no pockets or stripes.


Are footballs provided?  Can we use any football?

Official FNL footballs are provided for the games. We only use official FNL footballs. FNL footballs  can be purchased at coaches meeting and every game night at the FNL welcome tent.  $20.00


What size football is used?

Kindergarten, 1st,2nd,3rd,& 4th grade use a small size ball while the 5th & 6th grade use a medium size ball.  Official FNL footballs are sold at the FNL welcome  tent each game night. 


How many players are on a team?

Teams must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 9 players registered on a team. Games are played 6-on-6 


Can I request to play with a particular friend? 

Yes.  We encourage friends to play with friends or classmates. You may request as many friends as you would like.  You can sign up as a team or individually (Free Agent) during the registration process. Request to keep 3 players or more together requires a parent to act as head coach. 


When I will hear from my coach?

Coaches will receive their final rosters in advance of the pre-season coaches meeting. You should hear from your coaches soon thereafter. If you haven’t heard from your coach within 3 weeks prior to opening night, please email and we will help you connect. Please identify the league location you are in. 


How can I volunteer to coach? 

Send an email to your desired league email or with the subject “Head Coach" or "Assistant Coach". Also include your name, cell phone, zip code, division, player’s name, grade and the school your player attends. You can also request to be a Head Coach or Assistant Coach during the online registration.


What are the Friday Night Lights Rules? 

The Official Rules can be found on each website under " About FNL" 


What kind of format is played?

The game is 6 on 6 for 4 quarters. there is a first down at mid-field and a touchdown in the end zone. The game is a "non-contact" sport which emphasizes good footwork, balance and eye-hand coordination.   SEE OFFICIAL RULES FOR COMPLETE DETAILS OF THE FNL MODEL. 


Who has final decision on a ruling?

Regardless of the rule changes, the FNL Commissioners and field Supervisors have the authority to waive any rule at any time that is in the best interest of the kids. The mission of Friday Night Lights (FNL) is to teach kids the value of teamwork while having fun and learning the game of flag football. The FNL rules are designed to minimize contact while creating lots of action for every player, regardless of skill level. The FNL staff will make every effort to create a fun event for the kids.  Therefore, the rules are potentially revised each season, so it's important to review the rules in their entirety before each season.


What is the FNL refund policy?

FNL is fully funded by registration fees, team sponsorships and league sponsors. Full refunds are granted prior to team development. We make every attempt to grant a refund, minus administrative fees associated with credit care processing, merchant account fees, jersey cost and pre-paid insurance fees.